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2015级SAIF MF班级为历年来最大规模,学生背景也较往年更多元化。本级学生共59名,分别来自中国大陆、台湾、韩国、法国、意大利、奥地利、加拿大和美国的25所国内外的著名大学,本科专业背景分布在经济金融、管理学、理工类、语言文学、法律、传媒等多领域。


Sun Kyeong Kim 金善敬

I am from Ewha Womans University, Korea. I majored in English Language and Lit, double majored in Business Administration.

I wish I could find my way to the future career, hopefully contributing to the society as well.

Aurélie Barat 乌瑞莲

I studied engineering in France before coming to SAIF MF program. Outgoing, I love meeting new people and regard friendship as a core value.
I expect SAIF to be a place to build strong friendships and experience Chinese culture. This high quality teaching institution will also be, I hope, a healthy emulation environnement.

Vanny Zheng 郑楠

I'm an initiative girl who seeks challenges in work and life.

Work hard,play hard and be the changes we want to see in the world.

Allen Lu 陆玉立

I come from Tsinghua University with an engineering background. I am a team player but also a leader at some time. I like working out in gym and swimming.

I wish I could learn really solid knowledge in SAIF, meet the most excellent peers and make friends with them.

Kyle Yin 尹凯

I come from School of Mathematical Sciences, Fudan University.

I would like to make friends with professors, staff and students in SAIF.

Angel Wang 王青



Donny Yin 尹文超



Vincent Xiao 肖伟伟

I am an easy-going guy from Hubei Province. Swimming and travelling are my major hobbies. It is really a honor for me to be a SAIFer!

I wish to be well prepared for career after spending two years at SAIF in learning academic and business skills.

Ida Cui 崔慎敏



Jacky Shen 沈武杰

I'm a science major student graduated from Tsinghua University. Rational but not conservative, I am willing to show my talent in the Chinese financial market.

I wish I could learn the forefront of the financial knowledge as well as build up the must suitable career from the beginning.

Tina Chen 陈聪颖


寄语:努力学习,努力生活,stay hungry,stay alive!

Patrick Sun 孙培泰

Before I came to SAIF for finance study, I am used to be a lawyer who is very interested in captial market. I am an out going guy and I love watching American TV series and doing cycling.

I hope that everything goes smoothly and make great friends with all the talented classmates. Also, I want to get to know more about the capital market here in China.

Camille Léonard 纳兰晴

I am French. I come from the Ecole Centrale Paris in which I majored in engineering.

Oriented towards the professional world and also use this time in China to learn more about Chinese culture.

Dylan Kuang 匡超



Emily Li 李淼

My undergraduate school is Wuhan University, double majored in finance and applied mathematics. I love animation and sports very much. Spirited Away is my favorite film and I am practicing tennis now.
Stay hungry, stay foolish.

Jeremy Zhang 张哲宇



Sam Zhang 张思宇



Neal Lin 林晓威



Amy Hui 惠倩颖

I am Qianying Hui from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. My undergraduate major is finance.
I hope that my life at SAIF will be colorful and unforgettable, and I can make more friends here.

Rebecca Zhang 张祎

I have my bachelor's degree in Finance from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. I'm an organized and optimistic person who loves singing and movies.

I hope my life in SAIF will be both rewarding and interesting, and I can make my own contribution to this community.

Violet Li 李紫卉

I am Zihui Li and my English name is Violet. I get my undergraduate degree from Renmin University of China. Now I have started my new life in SAIF MF program.

Make friends, play sports, explore myself,try new things,and find my own direction. Work as a family and play as a family.

Jessie Lin 林心怡

I majored in international accounting at XJTU before coming to SAIF and had experience as an intern in auditing and investment bank. I am working hard to get myself prepared for my career with the hope of contributing to the financial industry in the future.

I will master financial skills and knowledge to get prepared for my financial career and make more friends in the two years in SAIF.

Amanda Xu 许君茹

I graduated from Tsinghua University with BA degree. I'm energetic, courageous, and full of adventure spiritis

Enjoyable and memorable

Daisy Wang 王菊



Ruby Cui 崔文琦

I am Cui, Wenqi, graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, I used to major in Operations Management, I hope to be a person that is self-realized and contributed to the society.

To really learn knowledge and skills, more importantly, to improve myself and to build a critical thinking and open mind.

Egger Emmanuel

Guten Tag! My name is Emmanuel. I am 22 years old and I come from Salzburg, Austria. My two biggest passions are on the one hand soccer, which I have played since I was 5, and on the other hand day trading, which I have done for almost 4 years now.

For the next two years I hope that SAIF's excellent professors can offer me an education that is tailored to the needs by the financial industry. Moreover I am confident that I will not only expand my network, but also make friends for a lifetime.

Janice Wang 王怡璐

I graduated from Fudan University major in Mathematics. Three key words to describe myself: outgoing, energetic and humorous.

To learn more about finance and know more interesting and like-minded friends.

Felix Zhang 张飞



Dean Fang 方鼎



Aaron Perkowitz 白亚伦

My name is Aaron Perkowitz, a graduate from the University of California at Santa Barbara with a BA in Economics and Accounting. I was born in Los Angeles, California, USA and a few of my hobbies include cars, traveling and baseball.
I feel very blessed to be one of the international students at SAIF. The people here are friendly and the classes are enlightening . I hope to continue meeting interesting individuals as well as push myself to new limits.

Julia Zhu 朱彦頔

I come from Nantong, Jiangsu Province. I spent my undergraduate study in department of Mathematics of Nanjing University.

I wish to become professional in finance, as well as make friends of different backgrounds here in SAIF.

Benji Sun 孙思明

I'm an optimistic guy full of passion and I want to make a difference in finance industry. Apart from academic excellence, I'm also a skillful skier and fervent badminton player.

I highly value this platform which bundles the most talented from around the globe. I wish to learn from my peers and make progress with them every day.

Angela Tian 田泊林晚



Victor yang 杨宸熙



Freya Dai 戴昉

Sensible but not sensitive, simply complicated. I adore health and happiness in daily life, in love with Yoga, reading and nature. Look to the ground, mind in the sky, very self-motivated.

Be immersed in everyday life meanwhile sober about what I'm in pursuit of.

Wendy Zhang 张文博

Energetic, curious but a little shy. Love sports and enjoy life.

explore myself, make good friends and keep curiosity.

Douglas Lee 李子扬

I am from Peking University and I like challenges. I used to be a EE student. But now, my dream is to make a difference in the financial industry.

Full of passion and enriched, feeling the improvement everyday. And last but not the least, the best memory with all the SAIFers here.

Henry liu 刘昊

简介:从高中时一名纯粹的理科生,到大学同时修习微电子学和经济学双学位,再到如今进 入SAIF攻读金融硕士,我正逐步完成由理科生到金融男的转型。这并非随波逐流,而是在学习中不断寻找最适合自己的土壤。漫长的探索过后,未来的职业道路 已逐渐明晰,我将继续为之不懈努力。


Cherie Lu 陆海蓉



Jeremy Chen 陈杰

I majored in Biomedical English at Peking University with a double major in Economics. I like reading interesting books as well as writing my own works.

Meet new friends, find out the profession that I’m eager and able to work on, do what I can for my family, the school, and the society.

Catherine Chung 钟欣

My undergraduate degree is Quantitative Finance in National Tsing Hua University. I am interested in sports, music and books.

I would like to become the best in financial field.

Eric Sun 孙尔谦

Graduated from Fudan and major in Economics, I have developed my interest in secondary market research for a long time. I plan to be a equity research analyst after graduation.

Make more friends and hear more stories, Study hard from the professors and listen to their advice.  Fullfill every mintue here with no regret.

Jason Lin 林智豪

I am a finance enthusiast with engineering background. I have been a salesman for 1.5 years, and I'm also a trader of forex and stocks on my own.

Fruitful and diversified, to equip myself for all the challenges ahead.